Nobody likes to work for minimum wage, regardless of the amount.  In order to pay people a living wage, Kissimmee needs to attract employers in different industries to move into the city and hire our residents.  We also need to take care of our businesses that already exist in the city and make sure they are successful.  A great example is Osceola County government thinking about expanding their offices out of downtown Kissimmee.  This would hurt our downtown restaurants and shops, and move high wage jobs outside of the city.  I will fight to keep our downtown vibrant with life and not a bunch of vacant buildings and shops.


Engaging our residents to care about the City is a challenge that I am up for.  It starts with appointing citizens from all backgrounds on to the various boards and local regulatory agencies such as the Kissimmee Utility Authority.  If we keep appointing the same people over and over again, how do we expect the average citizen to feel a part of the planning and development of our community?  As commissioners, we cannot be experts in every field or know the specific issues of each neighborhood within city limits.  I will actively outreach to community leaders and residents alike to help make Kissimmee the best city it can be.


Just turn on any news outlet to see and hear about the disturbing trends in violence against law enforcement and the occasional abuse of police powers particularly in minority communities.  I would like the City of Kissimmee Police Department to take a proactive approach to cultural awareness and training programs to include translation pay incentives and continuing education.  Fortunately, we are blessed with great officers, but in the current environment of our national society, our local governments cannot be too cautious.


All work and no play doesn’t keep the doctor away.  A vibrant community values green space to include active and passive recreation sites that preserve our environment for future generations to enjoy.


The city of Kissimmee and our families are not the federal government.  The amount of money we spend should not exceed the amount of money we collect…and the money we do raise in taxes was generated by the taxpayer’s hard work and smart investments.  We should honor taxpayer money by spending it wisely, fully aware that every dollar we tax is one less dollar families have for themselves.

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